Melbourne City Churches in Action (MCCIA) is an ecumenical organisation of the 17 churches in the Inner City of Melbourne, Australia, and the Melbourne City Mission.

We work together to build relationships and understanding by:

  • Conducting events to foster the spiritual life of the City
  • Producing collaborative information about the churches of the inner city
  • Cooperating in advocating policies of social reform
  • Meeting together to share information and fellowship
  • Worshipping together in our different churches

The MCCIA arose in 1980 from the local Ministers’ fraternal meetings. By working collaboratively together, the churches set up a street ministry in the 1980s, and were able to share knowledge and resources. The inner city churches have a long history of working closely with the Melbourne City Council and the Lord Mayors in various matters concerning the city and its life.

In 1995, the MCCIA became an incorporated association. The stated purposes of the Melbourne City Churches In Action Precinct Association Incorporated are:

  • To promote the general and cultural influence of the churches in the City of Melbourne.
  • To offer to visitors to the City, the opportunity to experience the significant architectural and historical qualities of the churches.
  • To explore ways of developing links between the life of the churches and the City.
  • To advance the appreciation of the City of Melbourne in the wider community, nationally and internationally.
  • To work with other bodies having similar objectives and purposes.